How it works 

The Rare-Earth Thermomotor is a British Invention based on Nikola Tesla’s 1889 patent for a simple reciprocal machine.

Ironically it utilises a phenomenon called the Curie Point, even though Pierre Curie arrived at it a decade after Tesla’s discovery.

However, it is doubtful that Tesla’s patent was much more than an idle thought-experiment, filed during his heyday working with Edison.

It has taken several years of experiment and failure to bring the Rare-Earth Thermomotor to successful fruition. However, unlike Edison and Tesla’s creations, it does not yet have a practical purpose other than for it’s aesthetic value.

We first pioneered the rotational Thermomotor in 2010 using a ring of Nickel rod, a large neodymium magnet and a blowtorch.

This video from 2012 shows a cylinder of a rare Nickel alloy rotating with the assistance of a magnet and blowtorch.

You can see that when heated the material exceeds its Curie Point (Tc), causing the material on the cooler side to become more attractive to the static magnet. This creates continual rotation as long as
a) The heat source is maintained
b) The material has sufficient time to cool before re-encountering the heat source

We chose TEALIGHTS as the heat source because of their simplicity and availability. However, there are an abundance of different tealights available which has meant a great deal of thought has gone into creating designs which will work well with the commonest types of tealight.

Please check our Recommended Tealights section before purchasing fresh supplies for your machine.


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